Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Brian Faini

1. How did you decide to become an artist?

Just came to me naturally. I felt I had a higher understand and grasp composition and spatial relations. I am sensitive to my environment and how things exist within it.

2. What kind of work as an artist have you done so far, and what other work have you done?

As an artist I have shown in numerous galleries in multiple states. I am a photographer so all of my work has been 2-D wall pieces. I find myself doing small ephemeral formations/sculptures in different locations as a way to pass time. I would say it has become a bit of a nervous habit.

3. How did the Kenan Fellowship contribute to your development as an artist?

Allowed me to escape "the real world" for a few weeks and meet many wonderful people.

4. What is the most memorable and positive experience you had as a Kenan Fellow?

All of my experiences were great I don't want single out any of them. From sleeping outside to toiling around in the studio to the early morning hours it was all great.

5. What was disappointing or frustrating to you about the Kenan Fellowship?

Meeting people who were far more interesting, well traveled and experienced than I thought I would ever be. It was more jealously than frustration.

6. What are you planning to do next in your artistic career?

I am currently putting food on the table by being a photojournalist at a daily newspaper. I get the creativity strangled out of me at the paper and am aching to do some photo essays that can speak to people. I would also like to continue on some photographic series I have started in the past that deal with my interaction within a space. I have a dream to create a co-op photography studio that is coupled with gallery space. I want it to be a place for photographic education and be able to teach others by offering workshops and apprenticeships.

7. How does your art relate to your family and community life?
I don't feel as they my family or community understand my personal works. They definitely understand the commercial ones! I hope that someone day my photo journalistic images can provide someone with the motivation to make a change in the work. A major reason that I enjoy photography is the ability to share with others.

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