Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Krassen Karagiozov

1. How did you decide to become an artist?
I've been my entire life studying and doing music since I was 6, so it was natural for me to continue in that direction.

2. What kind of work as an artist have you done so far, and what other work have you done?
I'm performing with Local and national Opera companies different roles and for the first time this May I'm going to Bulgaria to sing a concert performance of La Boheme. It is the first time singing actually at home. I also teach at High Point University and serve as a music director at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Winston-Salem.

3. How did the Kenan Fellowship contribute to your development as an artist?
By introducing me to high caliber artists and performers.

4. What is the most memorable and positive experience you had as a Kenan Fellow?
Working with my colleagues on the stage and working with Julius Rudel who is a very famous conductor and being able to perform.

5. What was disappointing or frustrating to you about the Kenan Fellowship?
It needed to be more specified of what we were supposed to do the first year and wanted to be involved more in singing opportunities the first year.

6. What are you planning to do next in your artistic career?
I'm having more performances coming up , so I'm continuing pursuing my career as an artist.

7. How does your art relate to your family and community life?
I will see how my art relate to my family when I go this May to BG and see since all of them live there. they are not directly involved to my art here. To the community I think directly through my performances and teaching experience to the students as well as serving at a church which a straight contact to the community service.

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